Rabbis for Human Rights 2019

Date: 22nd of October 2019 Location: 13 King David Street Meet: Louis Frankenthaler Development Director, Rabbi Michael Marmur Director, Avi Dabush Executive Director, Rabbi Nava Hefetz Education Director In 2019 ORFL sent our normal support to RHR, general fund support, Rabbinical Student support. We also sent additional support for their Legal Department and for their Social Rights Centre. I went … Read More

USA Visit

This year I went to the USA from the 4th to the 13th of May 2018 to carry out due diligence on the projects we support and to explore some projects that we could support in the future. The projects ranged from education to skill training. I went to Haverford College a school in Philadelphia since we support an educational … Read More


Mission: Organise and develop children who live in slum areas to become empowered change agents. They also aim to eradicate mental and emotional poverty. Report: Prayasam started in 1996 with the vision that children are agents of change and that they can transform their local communities. Prayasam strength is through its empowerment of children and young adults, today these children … Read More

Projects in Brazil and Argentina

Location: AEVAS Head Office Website http://www.aevas.org.br Association Evangelica of social action (AEVAS) is a local non-profit that’s aims to educate and support the less fortunate. I saw their headquarters, computer room, offices. Behind their front office they have a shop where they sell all kinds of things from clothes to cutlery. This shop is made up of donated items and … Read More

Trip to Rabbis for Human Rights

ORFL has been a long-time supporter of Rabbis for Human rights who aims to protect the human rights of everyone living in Israel and its occupied territories. To provide some background on Rabbis for Human rights (RHR), they have five departments all aiming to promote: The Legal Department Human rights in the Occupied territories Education department Interreligious Coordinating Council in … Read More

Visiting India

Thank you to our India Team, we have been able to support many different meaningful impactful projects in India. On the 2nd of February 2017, I was able to go visit Baalyaa school and Christ Faith Home. Baalyaa school’s mission is to provide education to children with different abilities (from mental disabilities to physical disabilities) and children in need, empower … Read More