Arte em Movimento Music Teacher Support

This year has been horrible for schools all across the world. For many years we have been supporting the school Instituição Evangélica de Novo Hamburgo. They are a private school that educate children from kindergarten to high school. We have supported them for many years because they run projects to lift up there surrounding underprivileged community.   This year they … Read More

Arte em Movimento 2019

In 2019 ORFL supported IENH. IENH runs a program called Arte em Movimento. It provides music and dance classes to girls living in shelters who are victims of violence or abandonment. Currently they serve the shelters and centres, Casa Joao Bosco, Cecrife e Querubim, Escola Municipal Affonso Pena, Escola Municipal Martha Warthenberg and Lar Colmeia. IENH go to their centres … Read More

Projects in Brazil and Argentina

Location: AEVAS Head Office Website Association Evangelica of social action (AEVAS) is a local non-profit that’s aims to educate and support the less fortunate. I saw their headquarters, computer room, offices. Behind their front office they have a shop where they sell all kinds of things from clothes to cutlery. This shop is made up of donated items and … Read More

Renovating the multi-media room for Centro de Vivência Redentora

Fundação SEMEAR serves the poor in Brazil. It offers children and young adults a range of programmes to help them build self-esteem, learn new skills and deter them from falling victim to violence, drug trafficking or child labour.  Fundação SEMEAR built Centro de Vivência Redentora (CVR) to give it a space to serve socially vulnerable children and teenagers from favela … Read More

Extracurricular activities for vulnerable youth

Project Centro De Vivencia Redentora   Last year ORFL supported Fundacao Semear in Brazil to enhance their current program the Centro de Vivencia Redentora (Centre of Experience Redentora). Fundacao Semear aim is to promote social inclusion, exercise of citizenship and respect for the rights and dignity of human beings.   Fundacao Semear started the Centre of Experience Redentora (CVR) in … Read More

Healing through Music

Programa Cultural Arte em Movimento In 2014 the Overseas Resources Foundation Limited (ORFL) started to support the Cultural Program for Art in Movement organized by Instituicao Evangelica de Novo Hamburgo (IENH) in Brazil. IENH is a private educational institution that started Arte em Movimento which promotes social inclusion by offering scholarships, exercise of citizenship and respect for the rights and … Read More

Regina Comunidade Project

Favela Vila Palmeira in Novo Hambergo In 2012 the Overseas Resources foundation limited (ORFL) supported the Regina Comunidade project which was started by Sisters from the Hospital Regina (which belongs to Sister of Santa Catarina). This project aims to promote healthcare in all areas in Vila Palmeira, Brazil. Half of the people living in Vila Palmeira live in poverty and … Read More