Rabbis for Human Rights

Date: 22nd of October 2019 Location: 13 King David Street Meet: Louis Frankenthaler Development Director, Rabbi Michael Marmur Director, Avi Dabush Executive Director, Rabbi Nava Hefetz Education Director In 2019 ORFL sent our normal support to RHR, general fund support, Rabbinical Student support. We also sent additional support for their Legal Department and for their Social Rights Centre. I went … Read More

DiverseCity 2019 Summer Program

In 2019 ORFL decided to support DiverseCity with a donation towards their Summer Programs.   Who is DiverseCity? DiverseCity is a youth development organization that prepares tomorrow’s global citizens through health education and leadership training. The curriculum offers a fun and engaging outlet for physical activity and instruction in targeted interest areas (e.g., arts, music, sport, theatre), while simultaneously furthering … Read More

Helping in Jiangmen 2018


This year so far our China team has done an excellent job and provided support to needy families. They contacted the civil affairs departments in the towns surrounding Jiangmen and worked with them to find the people in those areas most in need. Together they were able to identify 80 families in Shiqian town. These families had members who had … Read More

Mercy Corps Social Venture Fund

Mercy Corps started a Social Venture Fund (SVF). It aims to accelerate the growth of innovative, financially sustainable companies that are socially responsible and positively impact people in developing countries. SVF hopes to de-risk the companies it takes on and make them more attractive to later-stage investors. Since we started supporting the SVF they have made three impact investments Arifu, … Read More

Giving back to Jiangmen 2016


In 2016 our Managers and supervisors in Jiangmen (Jiangmen team) worked on making an impact on their local community in China. They identified who needed help and how they could help them. In the past our Jiangmen team has helped the local community by providing food and financial support to families, financial aid to students, social events for the elderly … Read More

The Sanctuary Short Stay Home


Short Stay Home Report for April 2015 – March 2016 This Christ Faith Home (CFHC) started sanctuary programme. The sanctuary is a home for women in India providing them shelter and safety. It also is somewhere that provides women with psychiatric treatment, occupational therapy and vocational training to help them build a better future.  This is so they are able … Read More

Vocational Training Centre for Women


In June 2016 ORFL help Christ Faith Home (CFHC) build a vocational training centre. This is to empower women who have been deserted or who have been living below the poverty line.   CFHC vision is to help everyone ‘find permanent relief’. At the vocational training centre these women are taught vocational skills in order for them to have skills … Read More

Helping Vishvodayaa Trust repair flood damage in Chennai


Vishvodayaa Trust and Baalyaa School In November 2015 ORFL worked with Vishvodayaa trust to help Baalyaa School repair damages caused by the flooding in South India. ORFL helped elevate the flooring in the front yard of the school and the classrooms. After the flooding the ground floor also sunk in many places therefore we helped get the floor tiles relayed … Read More

Work experience for disadvantaged young adults in Hong Kong


Evangel Children’s home help youth improve their employability  The Evangel Children’s home aims to help disadvantaged children and young adults grow up and mature. It also aims to help them to build better family relationships which will in turn benefit the community. With support from the Hong Kong government and outsiders such as ourselves (ORFL) Evangel Children’s home have launched … Read More

Extracurricular activities for vulnerable youth

Project Centro De Vivencia Redentora   Last year ORFL supported Fundacao Semear in Brazil to enhance their current program the Centro de Vivencia Redentora (Centre of Experience Redentora). Fundacao Semear aim is to promote social inclusion, exercise of citizenship and respect for the rights and dignity of human beings.   Fundacao Semear started the Centre of Experience Redentora (CVR) in … Read More