2020 end of year report

ORFL Charity Donations 2020   ORFL focus in creating positive change is through supporting education, communities and empowering people out of poverty through job creation. Unfortunately, 2020 has forced schools to close and many to be pushed into poverty with record high unemployment. Many of the projects we usually support or planned to support had to go on hold since … Read More

Rabbis for Human Rights 2019

Date: 22nd of October 2019 Location: 13 King David Street Meet: Louis Frankenthaler Development Director, Rabbi Michael Marmur Director, Avi Dabush Executive Director, Rabbi Nava Hefetz Education Director In 2019 ORFL sent our normal support to RHR, general fund support, Rabbinical Student support. We also sent additional support for their Legal Department and for their Social Rights Centre. I went … Read More

Impact Investing Needslist

In August 2018 ORFL decided to support Needslist. Needslist is a humanitarian aid tech start up. It is a platform that connects donors to NGOs working on site, locally and directly with people in need.   On the Needslist platform NGOs who are serving people in crisis find out their most urgent need or needs, be it goods, services or … Read More

Helping in Jiangmen 2017

Thanks to our China team, in 2017 we were able to help the poorest of the poor in Jiangmen and surrounding towns. Our China team consisted of Mr Li, Apple, Sally, Lindy, Anita, Kerry, Alon and Nora this year, they worked with the government to identify the poorest of the poor in different areas. Some of the people we support … Read More

How E-Commerce Opens new opportunities for Smallholder farmers

 ORFL has been working with Mercy Corp to increase smallholder farmer incomes through catalyzing community-led, market-driven solutions, building co-operatives and supporting innovations such as E-Commerce and low cost technical traceable solutions. The challenges facing rural China require working in partnership with the private sector, local governments and civil society actors to improve impact on smallholder farmers and rural communities. The … Read More

E-commerce project for small-hold farmers

Mercy Corps E-commerce for small-hold farmers ORFL partnered with Mercy Corps to carry out an e-commerce project for small-hold farmers in Ya’an and Pian Ma and Da Ying. This project started in March 2016 and aimed to give the farmers and their communities skills to; set up and design online stores, create promotional material and packaging, calculate costing and profit. … Read More

Regina Comunidade Project

Favela Vila Palmeira in Novo Hambergo In 2012 the Overseas Resources foundation limited (ORFL) supported the Regina Comunidade project which was started by Sisters from the Hospital Regina (which belongs to Sister of Santa Catarina). This project aims to promote healthcare in all areas in Vila Palmeira, Brazil. Half of the people living in Vila Palmeira live in poverty and … Read More

PT Ruma – A Grameen Sponsored Microbusiness Solution

A Franchise Selling Mobile Phone Minutes To The Poor Grameen Foundation with its ground-breaking AppsLabs team developed a mobile phone- based business idea to reduce the level of poverty in Indonesia. The result was PT Ruma, a micro-franchise business that empowers poor women to start their own digital technology business. PT Ruma provides them with a mobile phone, training and … Read More

ORFL Supports Grameen Foundation’s Fight To End Poverty

Grameen Foundation Promotes Microfinancing For The World’s Poorest  Their goal is simple to see poor people, especially the poorest of the poor, move themselves out of poverty. By collaborating with local organizations and allies around the globe, they have helped millions of poor people, mostly women and children, to improve their lives. Grameen Foundation (GF) does this by providing microfinance … Read More

Grameen Foundation Supports Micro-entrepreneurs and Strenghthens Communities

Zhou Bi Fang’s story just about sums up how microlending to the desperately poor in China can transform a life and a community. Before ARDPAS (Grameen’s local partner) offered him a loan, his life and that of his wife were similar to that of other microcredit clients – a daily struggle to feed themselves three meals a day and many … Read More