Dormitory for Christ Faith Home For Children

In the summer of 2018 Overseas Resources Foundation Limited donated to Christ Faith Home for Children (CFHC) to help them build a boy’s dormitory. On the 1st of June 2019 it was finally opened after many storms and delays.   CFHC mission is to empower children, deserted women and people living below the poverty line through education and vocational training. … Read More

Gaza Sky Geeks

Screen Shot 2018-06-12 at 13.12.21

  In summer of 2017 we decided to support Gaza Sky Geeks (GSG). A start-up hub, incubator, accelerator and community centre for coders or learners of code in Gaza. Gaza Sky Geeks was founded in 2011 in partnership with Google and Mercy Corps.   The idea came about because Gaza has a highly educated population however because their boarders are … Read More

Renovating the multi-media room for Centro de Vivência Redentora


Fundação SEMEAR serves the poor in Brazil. It offers children and young adults a range of programmes to help them build self-esteem, learn new skills and deter them from falling victim to violence, drug trafficking or child labour.  Fundação SEMEAR built Centro de Vivência Redentora (CVR) to give it a space to serve socially vulnerable children and teenagers from favela … Read More

A new training block for the blind


In December 2016 with the help of our India team we decided to support Indian Association for the Blind (IAB). We have been supporting IAB for many years. They are a South Indian based non-profit that is helping in the education, employment and rehabilitation of visually challenged people. IAB mission is “To provide comprehensive education, rehabilitation and employment opportunities for … Read More

Mercy Corps projects

In May 2017 we went to see Mercy Corps. They proposed two new project so us, Gaza Sky Geeks and a Social Venture Fund (SVF). The Social Venture fund is investing in social ventures and for-profit companies with long term impact. Mercy Corps wants to partner with ORFL. The aim of their SVF is to improve the lives of 4 … Read More

Impact Investing


ORFL supports Haverfords impact investing initiative programme ORFL helped to start a Microfinance and impact investing initiative programme (Mi3) in 2011 at Haverford College in the USA. In 2016 it has completed its fifth year and accomplished many things. The impact investing initiative programme which is run at Haverford aims to allow students to shadow companies that are trying to … Read More

Transforming China’s Rural Schools

China Schools Foundation’s (CSF) vision is to transform rural China’s far-flung primary schools into progressive laboratories of learning. While this same vision is held at the highest policy-making levels in China, in reality, the effort is hindered by unfavorable school conditions, and a lack of programs to promote creative and independent thinking. The need to create productive futures for children … Read More

DAICAD School for Children with Autism

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DAICAD is a private institution dedicated to the educational and therapeutic needs of children (up to 18 years) with Autism, Asperger’s Syndrome and other Pervasive Developmental Disorders. Children with these disorders have a normal IQ range but because of their developmental disabilities, cannot progress in a traditional school environment. To make any progress educationally and professionally, they need ongoing support … Read More

The China Schools Foundation Greenhouse And Water Conservation Project


Schools That Reflect Reality Frequently, the environment and the curriculum in rural schools are totally divorced from the reality of daily life in agricultural communities. CSF’s objective is to teach the science curriculum and simultaneously to give young students a deeper understanding for their environment. The Greenhouse and Water Conservation Project will do just this by involving students in their … Read More

Center for Peace and Global Citizenship


What is the Center for Peace and Global Citizenship? Center for Peace and Global Citizenship (CPGC) located at Haverford College, Philadelphia, connects the College’s academic programs with the real world issues of poverty and conflict throughout the world. The goal is to give students both academic and international hands-on experience in dealing with these problems to sustain their interest beyond … Read More