Christ Faith Home for Children support

We have been support Christ Faith Home for Children (CFHC) for over 10 years. They support and empower parentless children, deserted women and people living below the poverty life. To help these individuals they run an orphanage, school and vocational training centre. We have supported them over the years and helped them improve their orphanage, build a vocational training building … Read More

Dormitory for Christ Faith Home For Children

In the summer of 2018 Overseas Resources Foundation Limited donated to Christ Faith Home for Children (CFHC) to help them build a boy’s dormitory. On the 1st of June 2019 it was finally opened after many storms and delays.   CFHC mission is to empower children, deserted women and people living below the poverty line through education and vocational training. … Read More


Mission: Organise and develop children who live in slum areas to become empowered change agents. They also aim to eradicate mental and emotional poverty. Report: Prayasam started in 1996 with the vision that children are agents of change and that they can transform their local communities. Prayasam strength is through its empowerment of children and young adults, today these children … Read More

A new training block for the blind

In December 2016 with the help of our India team we decided to support Indian Association for the Blind (IAB). We have been supporting IAB for many years. They are a South Indian based non-profit that is helping in the education, employment and rehabilitation of visually challenged people. IAB mission is “To provide comprehensive education, rehabilitation and employment opportunities for … Read More

Visiting India

Thank you to our India Team, we have been able to support many different meaningful impactful projects in India. On the 2nd of February 2017, I was able to go visit Baalyaa school and Christ Faith Home. Baalyaa school’s mission is to provide education to children with different abilities (from mental disabilities to physical disabilities) and children in need, empower … Read More

The Sanctuary Short Stay Home

Short Stay Home Report for April 2015 – March 2016 This Christ Faith Home (CFHC) started sanctuary programme. The sanctuary is a home for women in India providing them shelter and safety. It also is somewhere that provides women with psychiatric treatment, occupational therapy and vocational training to help them build a better future.  This is so they are able … Read More

Vocational Training Centre for Women

In June 2016 ORFL help Christ Faith Home (CFHC) build a vocational training centre. This is to empower women who have been deserted or who have been living below the poverty line.   CFHC vision is to help everyone ‘find permanent relief’. At the vocational training centre these women are taught vocational skills in order for them to have skills … Read More

Helping Vishvodayaa Trust repair flood damage in Chennai

Vishvodayaa Trust and Baalyaa School In November 2015 ORFL worked with Vishvodayaa trust to help Baalyaa School repair damages caused by the flooding in South India. ORFL helped elevate the flooring in the front yard of the school and the classrooms. After the flooding the ground floor also sunk in many places therefore we helped get the floor tiles relayed … Read More

Giving back to India

New Bus for Blind Students The Indian Association for the Blind Madurai, India In 2011, ORFL funded the purchase of a new bus for blind students in Madurai. Blind students had the opportunity to advance their higher education but the many difficulties of traveling from home to school and back again through the congested city streets made this process very … Read More