Homeboy Industries Covid-19 repsonse

In 2020 ORFL decided to support Homeboy Industries. Homeboy Industries is the largest and most successful program in the country helping formerly gang-involved and incarcerated youth and adults to rehabilitate and re-enter society as contributing citizens. Founded in the 1980s, by Father Greg Boyle, Homeboy has turned around the lives of thousands of men and women via a programme that … Read More

Change the Game Open School

change the game open school

ORFL decided to Support Open School, a school in Portland Oregon that is trying to innovate education. They try to provide students education that suites them since traditional school did not help them and they were at risk of dropping out of school. Open School provides students with an environment that supports them and provides them what they need to … Read More

Arte em Movimento 2019

In 2019 ORFL supported IENH. IENH runs a program called Arte em Movimento. It provides music and dance classes to girls living in shelters who are victims of violence or abandonment. Currently they serve the shelters and centres, Casa Joao Bosco, Cecrife e Querubim, Escola Municipal Affonso Pena, Escola Municipal Martha Warthenberg and Lar Colmeia. IENH go to their centres … Read More

How E-Commerce Opens new opportunities for Smallholder farmers

¬†ORFL has been working with Mercy Corp to increase smallholder farmer incomes through catalyzing community-led, market-driven solutions, building co-operatives and supporting innovations such as E-Commerce and low cost technical traceable solutions. The challenges facing rural China require working in partnership with the private sector, local governments and civil society actors to improve impact on smallholder farmers and rural communities. The … Read More