Mercy Corps Community Investment Trust

In 2021 ORFL decided to supported Mercy Corps Community Investment Trust (CIT). This is a new initiative that has only been piloted in Portland OR but worked well. The project aims to invest in loss-protected commercial real estate at an accessible price point and put the control of the estate back in the hands of the local people. The aim … Read More

Rabbi’s for Human Rights 2021

For over 10 years we have been donating to Rabbis for Human Rights. This year, Israel and the Occupied Palestinian Territories has received a lot of media attention. Activities Olive Tree planting In February 2021 RHR carried out their regular olive Tree planting day in the West Bank. RHR has been engaging with the Palestinian olive farmers for nearly 20 … Read More

Arte em Movimento Music Teacher Support

This year has been horrible for schools all across the world. For many years we have been supporting the school Instituição Evangélica de Novo Hamburgo. They are a private school that educate children from kindergarten to high school. We have supported them for many years because they run projects to lift up there surrounding underprivileged community.   This year they … Read More

Homeboy Industries Covid-19 repsonse

In 2020 ORFL decided to support Homeboy Industries. Homeboy Industries is the largest and most successful program in the country helping formerly gang-involved and incarcerated youth and adults to rehabilitate and re-enter society as contributing citizens. Founded in the 1980s, by Father Greg Boyle, Homeboy has turned around the lives of thousands of men and women via a programme that … Read More

Arte em Movimento 2019

In 2019 ORFL supported IENH. IENH runs a program called Arte em Movimento. It provides music and dance classes to girls living in shelters who are victims of violence or abandonment. Currently they serve the shelters and centres, Casa Joao Bosco, Cecrife e Querubim, Escola Municipal Affonso Pena, Escola Municipal Martha Warthenberg and Lar Colmeia. IENH go to their centres … Read More

Impact Investing Needslist

In August 2018 ORFL decided to support Needslist. Needslist is a humanitarian aid tech start up. It is a platform that connects donors to NGOs working on site, locally and directly with people in need.   On the Needslist platform NGOs who are serving people in crisis find out their most urgent need or needs, be it goods, services or … Read More

Mercy Corps Social Venture Fund

Mercy Corps started a Social Venture Fund (SVF). It aims to accelerate the growth of innovative, financially sustainable companies that are socially responsible and positively impact people in developing countries. SVF hopes to de-risk the companies it takes on and make them more attractive to later-stage investors. Since we started supporting the SVF they have made three impact investments Arifu, … Read More


Mission: Organise and develop children who live in slum areas to become empowered change agents. They also aim to eradicate mental and emotional poverty. Report: Prayasam started in 1996 with the vision that children are agents of change and that they can transform their local communities. Prayasam strength is through its empowerment of children and young adults, today these children … Read More

Giving back to Jiangmen 2016

In 2016 our Managers and supervisors in Jiangmen (Jiangmen team) worked on making an impact on their local community in China. They identified who needed help and how they could help them. In the past our Jiangmen team has helped the local community by providing food and financial support to families, financial aid to students, social events for the elderly … Read More

Impact Investing

ORFL supports Haverfords impact investing initiative programme ORFL helped to start a Microfinance and impact investing initiative programme (Mi3) in 2011 at Haverford College in the USA. In 2016 it has completed its fifth year and accomplished many things. The impact investing initiative programme which is run at Haverford aims to allow students to shadow companies that are trying to … Read More