Helping in Jiangmen 2018

This year so far our China team has done an excellent job and provided support to needy families. They contacted the civil affairs departments in the towns surrounding Jiangmen and worked with them to find the people in those areas most in need. Together they were able to identify 80 families in Shiqian town. These families had members who had … Read More

Helping in Jiangmen 2017

Thanks to our China team, in 2017 we were able to help the poorest of the poor in Jiangmen and surrounding towns. Our China team consisted of Mr Li, Apple, Sally, Lindy, Anita, Kerry, Alon and Nora this year, they worked with the government to identify the poorest of the poor in different areas. Some of the people we support … Read More

Giving back to India

New Bus for Blind Students The Indian Association for the Blind Madurai, India In 2011, ORFL funded the purchase of a new bus for blind students in Madurai. Blind students had the opportunity to advance their higher education but the many difficulties of traveling from home to school and back again through the congested city streets made this process very … Read More

Giving back to Jiangmen

Managers and supervisors of our Jiangmen operation pooled their efforts and time to make a difference in their community.  Working with the poor was an eye-opening experience in 2010. In 2011, with the benefit of what they had learned trying to help their community in 2010, the team have more effectively targeted their efforts by identified pockets of poor and … Read More